SIM2Fly eSIM Only blank
Working Worldwide

With phone number of Thailand. Phone code +66.

For example if you bought number 096-XXXXXXX, full number is

An eSIM card without internet traffic, designed for worldwide use, exists as a convenient solution for users who require consistent access to incoming SMS and social account registrations, regardless of their location. This eSIM card is ideal for individuals who need to maintain their social media presence or receive crucial verification SMS while traveling extensively.

Without internet traffic, the focus of this eSIM card is on providing seamless access to incoming SMS and social media account verifications, ensuring that users can receive essential messages and validation codes across the globe. It is especially valuable for travelers, expatriates, or individuals working in various countries who need to maintain access to their social networks or receive time-sensitive notifications.

This eSIM card allows for easy activation and works with a range of compatible eSIM-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets, offering a hassle-free and flexible solution for those who need to stay connected without requiring data access. Whether you're on a leisurely trip or a business journey, this eSIM card ensures that users can efficiently manage their social accounts and receive necessary SMS communications, providing peace of mind and connectivity support worldwide.

Phone number: yes

Coverage: Worldwide

Plan Length: No plan

Capacity: no Gb

Reloadable: Yes

Type: 3G/4G/5G

For incoming sms: Yes

For account registrations: Yes

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